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How should I choose the right tutoring company?


The information above is intended simply to help parents choose the best educational outcome for their child’s situation.

Why does your child need tutoring? Quite possibly, it’s because the classroom environment at school is not working for them. This classroom environment is not necessarily optimal for every student’s learning.

What’s the point in sending your child to another group environment outside of school? There are many tutoring companies out there. You can send your child to one of those, which might do group tutoring, or you can send your child to us at Australian Tutoring Company, where the tutoring will be held in an individualised setting.

Individual Tutoring


At Australian Tutoring Company, we provide one-on-one tutoring for students of Years K-12 in all subjects. We have three centres, in the North Shore, Inner West and Hills District areas. You can come to our centre for the tutoring, or you can also hold the lessons in your home. We do not offer group lessons as we believe that for some students to truly improve, they need that individual attention to make them feel comfortable and at ease. During these lessons, we do not follow a set curriculum. Of course, we base all the lessons off the NSW curriculum, but it is more about helping your child with what they require! What’s the point of rushing ahead with set workbooks if they haven’t even understood the fundamentals? We can even just help your children with their school homework. We have a wide variety of resources available on our premise and we are more than happy to help you find other materials if needed. Also, here at Australian Tutoring, we pride ourselves on our flexibility. There are no set times for the lessons, you can do them whenever you and the tutor are both available! We operate on weekends as well.

At Kumon, students go to the centre twice a week for each subject where they are given worksheets specific to their academic level. Kumon instructors and tutors don’t teach in the same way as school, rather they encourage self-learning and only provide help when the student needs it.

Tutoring Jobs Sydney


At Australian Tutoring Company, we have both experienced tutors and qualified teachers. At Kumon, their instructors and tutors also don’t have to have a teaching qualification. Having a qualified teacher is great for classroom situations but in many cases, tutors are more suited towards one-on-one tutoring.

Tutors are often closer in age to the student and this way, they can connect better with the student and really develop a good rapport with them. They often have a great understanding of exams, having only recently sat them themselves, and hence can effectively help students with different exam techniques, etc. A lot of our tutors are also studying these subjects at university, and therefore have a very deep, current understanding of the concepts. We have a strict hiring and interviewing process during which we make sure that our tutors understand how to tailor lessons to each student. All our tutors must have a Working with Children Check completed to begin working with us. Your child’s safety is of utmost importance to us!


Our prices vary depending on the format and duration of the lessons. You can find more information about them here.

Yes, our lessons are more expensive than Kumon’s. However, we offer a very different service, so it’s difficult to compare the two together. At Australian Tutoring Company, for $65 (on premise, K-10), you will be getting a full 60mins of undivided attention from the tutor. As long as you provide cancellation notice of more than 24hrs, we are more than happy to arrange a make-up lesson at your earliest convenience to minimise any disruption to your child’s learning.

So, the decision is yours to make! Australian Tutoring Company offers premium individual tutoring to provide a learning environment that is different from school. Our tutors are selected for their unique talents and demonstrated passion for working with students. If this is the right tutoring for you, please give us a call any time! We would absolutely love the opportunity to work with you.

Phone: (02) 9247 0835
Level 13, 135 King Street, Sydney NSW 2000
(Head Office Administration Address)
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