You may be aware that changes to the HSC have been announced recently. Among these changes are the following key points:

  • a minimum literacy and numeracy standard from 2020,
  • revision of the syllabuses for English, Mathematics, History and Science
  • most importantly, a shift towards examinations that assess a student’s depth of knowledge and application of skills, rather than rote-learning.

At Australian Tutoring Company, we take pride in our tutoring services and we welcome these changes. Depth of knowledge and application of skills have always been cornerstones of our learning framework. We are keenly interested in the academic development of each individual student and we believe that a good tutor should not encourage rote learning or memorisation of generic responses, but rather encourage the student to develop critical thinking ability and a passion for the subject. This will help them not only to succeed in school, but will also equip them with the necessary skills to succeed in life. We are also constantly looking for ways to improve our tutoring services and we make sure that all our tutors are always up to date with any recent changes to the syllabus.

HSC Standards

We encourage you to have a read through the HSC reform to have a better understanding of what is expected from your child in the coming years. We also welcome you to forward this to any family or friends that might be interested or may not be aware of the changes.

As always, we aim treat your friends and family, like our friends and family, so if anyone you know has any questions or concerns regarding the recent education reform or any other issues, please feel free to call us any time for a chat.