At Australian Tutoring Company we always try to be flexible and accommodate the needs of our families. Some FAQs and guidelines have been put in place to keep you and your family satisfied.

1How long before I start seeing results?

Results will depend on the individual student, how far ahead or behind they were and the amount of time they are spending with tutoring. All students are encouraged to enrol for a minimum of a term to ensure that results are tangible and noticeable. You have probably chosen Australian tutoring because our focussed individual teaching approach. The concentrated attention in a one-on-one environment empowers both student and tutor in a way that is not possible in the classroom and accelerates the time to achieve those results. Students are assisted with goal setting whilst tackling strengths and weaknesses and building academic self-confidence. We assist students to reach their full potential with age appropriate focused teaching strategies – start now and watch your child grow to love learning. It takes only one term to see a noticeable difference.

It is also important to share school exams and reports as this gives us an insight into how the student performs under exam conditions. Providing Australian Tutoring is given fore warning of upcoming exams, we will spend some time covering revision of the material to be examined. Students will often lead their own learning path with the syllabus as a guide, however those less motivated students will also be led by tutors.

2When should I stop tutoring?

Tutoring is a supplement to your child’s school education. With constant support through their schooling, it provides the confidence to achieve top results for the rest of their school life. Inspire a true love for learning and invest in your child’s wisdom, knowledge and culture for the future. An hour a week to ask questions, practice questions and maintain discipline does wonders! Consistency is the key!

3Home Tutoring versus On-Premise Tutoring?

When students attend our On-Premise sessions, they can expect our focused and unique level of individual attention with an abundance of educational resources at their disposal including a variety of textbooks, electronic resources and teaching aides. When tutoring is in home, the comfort of tutoring or coaching in their most comfortable surroundings. Unrivalled convenience for parents and students alike. If you have your own learning resources, you can save valuable time and money including transport by opting for In-Home tutoring and ensure that your student is perfectly rested before their lesson.

4What do I need to know about lesson fees?

At Australian Tutoring Company we always try to be flexible and accommodate the needs of our families. Guidelines have been put in place to keep you and your family satisfied. Australian Tutoring Company requests that all payment policies are followed in order for classes to run to schedule and minimise the disruption to students during class changeover: – All group tuition and classes must be paid upfront at the beginning of each term, an invoice will be issued and finalised prior to the commencement of the first class. There is no exemption of payment for absences therefore ensuring your child’s place is held for the term. If your child begins classes in the middle of the term, the amount charged will be pro-rated of course!

5How can I pay?

Our preferred payment method is straight from your electronic invoice! We have worked very hard to ensure that the payment process is incredibly simple – Once you receive your email invoice just click the green “Pay Invoice” button in the bottom right hand corner and enter your payment information into the pop up window that appears. It’s a 30 second payment process!


Of course you are also welcome to make payments via cash, EFTPOS (on premise or over the phone), or by bank transfer as indicated on your invoice.

6What about make up lessons?

Students will be allowed one make-up class per term provided Australian Tutoring is notified of cancellation at least 24 hours for their scheduled class. We will help you find an alternative time that works with you schedule and that of your tutor. Classes that are missed without a phone call will not be allowed a make-up class and the fee for the lesson will be forfeited.

7Student behaviour and responsibilities?

All students are expected to arrive at the appointed time for each lesson as late arrival may result in loss of tuition time. Students should bring with them their completed homework and any books and/or materials that have been previously issued as these will be used during the lesson. Each lesson shall be made up of supervised instruction with a minimum of 1 hour of homework to be completed prior to the next lesson. Teachers reserve the right to remove any student they believe to be behaving in a dangerous or disruptive manner.

8What is the tutoring schedule? When should I attend?

We are so incredibly flexible and will fit your lifestyle. Try our service at a time that is convenient for you. We are open Monday to Saturday for On-Premise lessons and we can even fit in with your schedule outside standard On-Premise operating hours with our In-Home offering. Start and finish at the time of your own choosing. Attend or call our North Shore, Inner West or Hills District branches today. There also branches in the Inner West and Hills Districts, with In-Home tutoring available all over Sydney (subject to availability).

Some of Our Tutors

Rosy W.

Rosy W.

My name is Rosy and at the moment I’m studying Software Engineering and Commerce at UNSW. I scored a band 6 in Advanced English, Physics, Economics and Maths Extension 1 in my HSC –...

Anna O.

Anna O.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Advanced Science at UNSW. I graduated from Pymble Ladies College with a HSC Distinguished Achiever’s Award. Past experiences in tutoring...

Sewon K.

Sewon K.

My name is Sewon and I’m currently in my third year studying Medicine at the University of Sydney. I also completed my undergraduate degree here in Bachelor of Science (Hons) and did my HSC...

Oran F.

Oran F.

Oran has over 5 yrs of experience tutoring primary children. She has a Bachelor of Health Science (Psychology) which enables her to understand children’s different learning styles and...

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