School Holiday Activity – Little Scientists Day

School Holiday Activity Little Scientists DayOn Wednesday 4th of October, we had our first school holiday activity – a Little Scientists class held at our premise in Leichhardt from 10am – 11am with Ms Nat.

Firstly, we started off by introducing ourselves by saying our name and how old we are out loud to the class. From here, we got straight into things as we were all so excited for our experiments!

School Holiday Activity - Rocket Painting

3, 2, 1, and…. blast off!!!!

We started off by having a group discussion on the mat about space and what we know about it! We spoke about rockets, planets, stars, earth and spaceships. All the children were extremely interested in the topic and we even had a few children who hope to be astronauts one day and fly to the moon! We finished up our topic by hand painting our own wooden rocket ship using our favourite colours and GLITTER! We had lots of fun getting messy with our glitter.

We then moved onto “Volcanoes & Lava”. We watched a few short videos of real volcanoes erupting and lava coming down the mountains! During the discussion we learnt about the process of a volcano erupting and what comes out of it! We all knew that lava is very very hot! We then had a student yell out “The floor is lava” and all the children jumped up onto their chairs! It was hilarious seeing them jump up so fast. Ms Nat then explained to the children that we were going to make a volcano with erupting LAVA! They were all so excited and ran over to the table, ready to go!

School Holiday Activity - Volcano

Oh no… the dinosaurs!

Each child had their own volcano to make, they each placed their plastic cup in the middle of their foil tray and started to form the volcano around the cup, using playdough. We had green, brown and white volcanoes! We also added some dinosaurs on the bottom of our volcano for decoration!  Once everyone had finished, we moved on to adding in the ingredients to make the LAVA! We added in baking soda, dish soap, red food colouring and lastly… VINEGAR! As soon as the children added in the vinegar, their volcanoes started to erupt and run down their playdough mountain and covered their dinosaurs! We all really enjoyed this experiment and were all on the edge of our seats watching the eruptions!

Lastly, we finished off our class by making our very own LAVA LAMP! Each child had their own bottle with water inside. They had to add in some oil and each child chose their favourite colour to use! Once we all had our oil and colours in, Ms Nat added in a special tablet into it to make the lava lamp bubbly and fizzy!

School Holiday Activity - Lava Lamp

This is so cool, but why doesn’t mine look like theirs?!

We hope everyone enjoyed the Little Scientists class and we can’t wait for our next themed school holiday activity! We’ll be announcing the next class near the end of the year, so stay tuned!

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