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School Readiness Programs

We endeavour to create confident lifelong learners. We help children to achieve success in learning while developing their self-esteem through our early learning classes and school readiness programs.

The Keep Learning Education program at the Australian Tutoring Company is one of the best early learning and school readiness programs in Sydney for kindergarten preparation. They run for one year and are spread out over four terms of ten weeks each. The lessons are structured in a ‘building block’ format where we offer one lesson every week, during which your child will come to our centre and enjoy storytelling, singing, writing, craft and other engaging methods of education that feel like play!

What happens in our school readiness programs?

In a typical school readiness program, children are introduced to letter names and sounds and their relationship with words. They are also taught how to form letters correctly using the correct pencil grip and writing posture. Numeracy skills such as number recognition, representing numbers with groups of objects and counting forward and backwards are taught and revised each session. As they progress, children are introduced to basic addition and subtraction, patterning and many other early numeracy concepts. The activities are designed to be hands-on and a range of strategies are used to cater for different learning styles. In addition to the academic skills, children take part in a variety of craft activities which help them to develop their fine motor skills through colouring, cutting and sticking.

We have three early learning classes at Australian Tutoring Company for children of different ages.

Crafty Kids – 2 to 3 year olds

Crafty Kids offers children a fun and dynamic craft, song and play approach to learning early literacy and numeracy concepts.

Ready Set Grow – 3 to 4 year olds

This school readiness program helps children build a solid foundation and understanding of phonics, pre-reading, writing skills and numeracy.

KinderBound – 4 to 5 year olds

This early learning class helps children with kindergarten preparation and equip them with the necessary literacy and numeracy skills to achieve success in BIG school. Children will also develop their listening skills, pencil grip, fine motor control and much more.

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Some of Our Tutors

Sarah Y.

Sarah Y.

Sarah completed her HSC at Wenona School, achieving an ATAR of 97.55, with Band 6 results in English Advanced, Mathematics Extension 1 and Engineering Studies. She is currently studying Advanced...

Laura K.

Laura K.

Laura graduated from high school achieving an ATAR of 90.1 with two band 6 results and is studying a Bachelor of Design at UNSW. She has a gentle and sweet nature and likes to work one on one...

Leif M.

Leif M.

Leif has his teaching degree and has been teaching for the past seven years. He has been marking the NAPLAN writing test for the past five years, which gives him insight on getting a better mark...

Carl W.

Carl W.

Carl has his Bachelor Degree in Physics, his Masters in Radiation and Environmental Protection and his PhD in Analytical Chemistry. He specialises in Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Science. He is...

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