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Offering tutoring to help students get into selective schools such as James Ruse Agricultural High School and Baulkham Hills High School.

Custom-Courses Designed For Selective School Success

Do you have a child looking to get into selective high school in Sydney? Our private tutoring services will help your child get into the best selective schools in the area! Gifted and talented students of all academic ability levels have used Australian Tutoring to pass their selective schools test – and gain admission into the most high-quality private schools and public schools in Sydney.

Read on to learn more about how we can help you, or your child.

Top-Notch Tutors For Every Section Of Admittance Exams

We offer school tutoring and private tutoring for every section of the selective schools test. From maths and reading, to general problem solving and writing skills, our top-notch tutors are here to help tutor high achieving students of all skills levels.

Our tutors are very familiar with the selective schools test. We can either pair your child with a single tutor for every subject, or use multiple tutors to address each and every subject that will be contained in the test issued this year by the Department of Education.

At Australian Tutoring, we believe that the best student-tutor relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. Our tutors will connect with your student on a deep, personal level – and using this relationship, they can assist in the development of a great education, and aid in obtaining admission to Sydney selective schools.

Three Convenient Locations – With At-Home Tutoring Available

No matter what learning environment your child thrives in, we can help. We have three different locations in Sydney where we can offer selective school tutoring – perfect if your child thrives in the classroom. These locations are in the Inner West, North Shore, and the Hills District – see our contact page for more information.

However, we also offer at-home tutoring – dependent on tutor availability. If your child feels more comfortable at home, this is a great option for a more comfortable learning environment. No matter where they prefer to learn, we can help them get into selective schools in Sydney!

Get The Tutoring You Need For Selective School – Contact Us Today!

We have the tutors that you need for your student’s success. With our help, they’re sure to get high marks on their entrance exams for selective schooling. Whether you have a year 6 student preparing for the test, or you want to get a head start with a younger child, we can help.

Contact us now and get started. Give us a call at 9247 0835, or send us a message online.

Some of Our Tutors

Karen S.

Karen S.

Karen has obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary) degree and has successfully completed her Masters of Teaching and is awaiting graduation. One of her core beliefs is that all...

Wesley Y.

Wesley Y.

Graduating from Sydney Boys High School, Wesley has continued his education at UNSW through the Bachelor of Law/ Bachelor of Computer Science program. Achieving a Band 6 in Mathematics Extension 1...

Anna O.

Anna O.

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Commerce and Advanced Science at UNSW. I graduated from Pymble Ladies College with a HSC Distinguished Achiever’s Award. Past experiences in tutoring...

Ashwin B.

Ashwin B.

Ashwin completed his HSC with a Band 6 in Mathematics and Band 5 in Advanced English. He has recently completed his Bachelor of Commerce degree, with majors in Marketing and Management...

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