Why Students Aren’t Doing Well

No matter what you do, is your child still not performing well in school? Here are a few reasons why!


  • Lack of skill/knowledge – These students need more time spent on individual tutoring to understand the concepts and fundamentals. A lack of skill and knowledge could also make them too slow to complete exams in a reasonable time, so they need lots of practice.


  • Lack of confidence – They might be nervous for instance and make silly mistakes on questions where they might already know the answer, or spend time panicking instead of getting on with the exam. These students need more supervised practice and encouragement… the student would benefit from ongoing help to keep confidence high in the future too.


  • Poor Exam Technique – The student might have poor time management, or a poor grasp of choosing which questions to focus on with the available time. These students need to spend time with a tutor to understand good exam techniques, tips and time management. They need to practice this in front of a tutor so that the tutor can identify and correct poor techniques on the spot as if were an exam scenario.


  • Carelessness – They might know the topic, be confident and have great exam technique, but make mistakes because they rush through and don’t know how to check their work. These students need focused help on how to check though questions and check for common mistakes. If they finish an exam early, they need to understand how to priorities which questions they should re-do to check if they end up with the same answer. A poor attitude, leaving the exam early could be a simple fix here for example and it’s great to learn these lessons from tutors who have recently studied and recently made the same mistakes.

If you feel your child needs help on any of the above points, we would absolutely LOVE to help you! Contact us today using the green button on the right-hand side of the page.

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