Benefits of Virtual Tutoring

Our Top 3 Benefits for Online Tuition

Australian Tutoring Company has enhanced their education services in these uncertain times, now offering Virtual tutoring through the collaborative online platform, Microsoft Teams.

Virtual Tutoring allows students to not only learn, but to adapt to new tools we need to acquire in order to  succeed in today’s progressing world!


See below our Top 3 Benefits of Virtual Lessons!

1. Convenience

With Virtual Tutoring, there is no travel involved! Lessons are conducted from the comfort of your own home, giving students the freedom to learn from their laptop or device, anywhere and anytime.

2. Connecting Students and Tutors From All Different Areas

No matter where the student or tutor is in the country, they can teach and learn from anywhere and anytime! This is a fantastic option for busy students, who don’t have a lot of additional time for study and homework.

Perhaps your child does extra curricular activities or is preparing for the HSC. Virtual Tutoring offers immediate assistance, with no extra hassle of travelling to a centre or trying to find the right well-equipped tutor to assist them in critical study. 

3. Collaborative & Innovative Learning

Online platforms, such as Microsoft Teams, are built for collaborative learning!


Including features such as:


  • 1) Video chat, giving students the opportunity to see/talk to their tutor face-to-face
  • 2) A central repository for notes, resources, homework, links and more
  • 3) The share screen tool, where tutors and students can share exactly what they are working on
  • 4) Adding parents to the team, so they too can access lessons, resources and notes 

In addition, all of our tutors use collaborative tools such as OneNote and Google Docs to make their lessons interactive and engaging for their students.



You know you’re in good hands with one of our professional tutors who have extensive experience in tutoring, with a passion in helping students reach their educational goals. 


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