Lacking Motivation To Study?

Here Are Our Top 7 Tips To Help Beat Procrastination!

Now more than ever, procrastination is finding ways to creep on in!

It is much easier to watch that next episode on Netflix or scroll aimlessly through Facebook, leaving homework and study to the night before… Sounds familiar? You are not alone in this battle of procrastination, in fact, 87% of students claim they too are procrastinators.

If you are finding that you too are lacking productivity and are finding yourself procrastinating, then read up on Our Top 7 Tips To Help Motivate Yourself To Study And Beat Procrastination!

Tip 1. Visualize And Set Goals

Sometimes it’s hard to look at the bigger picture when you are trying to analyse Shakespeare or crack that tricky algebra equation, asking yourself, when am I ever going to use this? A good way to avoid those questions and unnecessary procrastination, is to visualize where you want to be and set goals. Whether your main goal is to receive a scholarship into your dream university or simply just to pass the exam, visualize these goals! A good tip is to stick sticky notes around your room, reminding you of your end goal!


On top of visualizing your end goal, start jotting down the smaller steps/goals. That might just be completing Section B of your assignment or coming up with a killer thesis, no matter how small, study shows that writing out those smaller goals will help you achieve your end goal!

Tip 2. Break Down The Material

A major factor of procrastination is feeling overwhelmed. Instead of freaking out about the initial concept of the task, break it down into smaller sections. This can comprise of research, reading a couple of chapters of the prescribed text, or answering 10 multiple choice questions. Assign yourself a certain number of sections each day, and you will find in no time that you have completed the assignment!

Tip 3. Reward Your Study

School can be mentally and physically draining, so make sure not to be bulked down by all work and no play. Reward yourself where you see fit! After you finish an hour of study or complete those smaller sections, reward yourself by taking a short walk or indulging in some TV. Study shows that rewarding yourself with short breaks is necessary to maintain a level of productivity!

Tip 4. Create A Routine And Stick To It

It can be hard when your schedule is all over the place, that is why investing in a good diary is always a smart choice to keep your busy schedule in check! Allocate a certain time in the day to fit in your study! Also, pencil in your relax time too, this will help you see the bigger picture!


Habits are not formed overnight, so make sure you stick to your study schedule and not give up on the second or third day!

Tip 5. Eliminate Distractions

It’s extremely hard, if not impossible to study with one eye on your textbook and the other on Facebook!

To maximize your study time, make sure to turn your phone off and put it somewhere out of eyes reach and create a nice quiet study space away from unnecessary distraction.

Tip 6. One Word, STATIONARY

There is nothing appealing about endless sheets of colourless paper, so why not turn those boring textbook notes into colourful, fun and organised notes! Using nice stationary can increase your want to take down notes, making it easier to understand concepts by highlighting sections in all different colours. Plus, study shows you are more likely to retain information if it is represented visually. 

Tip 7. Consider Private Tutoring

If you are still struggling with motivation, maybe consider getting a private tutor.


Our professional and dedicated tutors at Australian Tutoring Company provide premium individual tuition to ensure the best results for each student. Our tutors are passionate about education and helping each student achieve their educational goals, which might be exactly what you need to help combat pointless procrastination.

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