Individual Tutoring

Is the classroom environment not working for your child? Try our individual tutoring lessons!

Are you looking to find private tuition for your child? At the Australian Tutoring Company, we offer individual tutoring and coaching services for all subjects for students in Years K-12 including Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Selective Schools Test, OC Test and lots more…


Why are so many parents finding a tutor with the Australian Tutoring Company? What makes us different from other tutoring services? Our point of difference is the individual focus that each student will receive when you find a tutor with us. What is the point of simply sending a student to another classroom environment outside school hours?

Individual Tutoring High School

What are the benefits of individual tutoring?

We strive to understand how each student learns. Are they analytically minded, or do they require more visual and tangible examples? The result is that students are more comfortable and tend to advance more quickly because they enjoy the individual learning process. Parents are always welcome to contact our friendly management staff to discuss the needs and progress of the students.


Contact us today to let us help you find a private tutor and start seeing your child’s academic progress immediately!

High School Individual Tutoring Sydney

ON Premises Tutoring

Australian Tutoring Company has two fantastic locations in the Inner West and Hills District areas. Each of these locations is easily accessed via public transport with parking available. If you choose to come to our premise for your lessons, you can expect to find a tutor from our amazing team and still get the highest quality private tuition as well as access to an abundance of educational resources, including a variety of textbooks, electronic resources and teaching aides.

Home Tutoring


We understand that finding a tutor can be difficult due to increasingly busy schedules. Our in-home one-on-one tutoring service offers the highest possible level of exclusive and undivided attention with the comfort of tutoring or coaching in familiar surroundings. Our tutors are able to provide educational tutoring at a time that is convenient for you, allowing you to save valuable time and money with transport.

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